Remaq s.r.o.

About Us

REMAQ, s.r.o., wishes to be a partner to all companies processing plastics, whose goal is maximum utilisation of the economic and ecological potential of incorporating plastic recyclate into its products.

REMAQ, s.r.o., was established in 2004 as a trading company active in trading plastic recyclate, particularly polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene. In 2008 the stakeholders decided to establish a manufacturing plant in the industrial complex in Otrokovice. Production was launched in June 2009 on a regranulation line of a capacity of 400 t/month. The manufacturing complex was expanded and production capacities were increased in subsequent years. The company now operates 4 modern regranulation lines of a total capacity of 2,400 t/month.

REMAQ, s.r.o., is currently the most important and fastest expanding company recycling plastic in the Czech Republic and also holds an important position on the European market.   

The company is involved in several projects focusing on a sustainable development strategy. This strategy fully complies with the company’s primary goal – to produce plastic recyclates, which will be capable of replacing primary plastics in even the most demanding applications, to the greatest extent possible.

In order to fulfil the specified goals, the company has focused on establishing long-term and stable business relations with its suppliers and customers and has made significant investments into manufacturing technologies and laboratory equipment.

Our customers are major companies in the field of the consumer, electrical engineering and plastics industries – sub-contractors to the automotive industry. 

The company places great emphasis on socially responsible behaviour and establishment of long-term relations with employees, which it considers an essential element of fulfilment of its visions and goals.